School 2013

Каме может, и я смогу
by deplore
1) when the lights will go out
heungsoo-centric, heungsoo/namsoon
pg-13 for non-explicit sexual material
There are three Go Namsoons in Heungsoo's mind: there's the Namsoon from before, there's the Namsoon who lives in his dreams, and there's the Namsoon in real life. All of them haunt him in different ways.

2) chrysalis
pg-13 for non-explicit sexual material
Some things in life come naturally: caterpillars wrap themselves in cocoons and come out of them as butterflies, birds hatch from eggs and learn to fly. It’s the same when Namsoon leans over and presses his lips to the corner of Heungsoo’s mouth -- easy, effortless, thoughtless. (A post-School 2013 fic.


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Doramafiction (фанфикшен, арт и клипы по дорамам)